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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. – Roger Caras

Not all dogs have an easy start. In fact the majority of the over 900 dogs rescued by Underdog last year started off on the wrong paw through no fault of their own. The generosity of our volunteers, donators and adopters is what has allowed these Underdogs a new chance at life.  You – it is because of you that we can continue to completely transform the lives of former breeding dogs. Every penny counts, every volunteer effort counts, every life saved matters.

 Did you know? We are old! Underdog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue started 17 years ago! Together, we once rescued 200 pups a year, then the number grew to 300, then 500, 600 and now we are projecting to adopt-out nearly 1000 pups in 2017. At any given time we have nearly 175 pups in foster care waiting for their forever home.

Did you know? The majority of pups Underdog Rescue commits to save get passed over by other rescues. This is typically due to age (too old), sickness/illness (intrinsically high vet bills), etc. Rescuing this level of pup equates to additional resources needed to get each the necessary care. Last year nearly $200,000 was spent on vet bills alone.

Did you know? Underdogs go home with updated vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter, dental, and with a support volunteer system for the adopters.

Did you know? We pledge to “Do What You Can” together, as a team! Our volunteers consist of foster parents, adoption coordinators, task-oriented volunteers, vet partners, boarding resources, and financial donators.

Did you know? The financial constraints that go into the costs to rescue each pup include: gas, often extensive vet bills, transportation, special hospitalization bills, food while in foster care, basic supplies (leash, harness, collar, dog beds)…and the list goes on. Our adoption events offer an amazing outlet for potential adopters to meet their new furry family member but also require resources.

We hope, after learning more about us, that you'll offer your support in any way you're able. We are counting on you - together we will continue to strive each day to help as many pups as financially possible.

Click HERE to donate today! Toby and the other rescued pups thank you!

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